Bmx ddi 6402k manual

The information provided in this documentation contains general descriptions andor technical characteristics of the performance of the products contained herein. of MODICON M340 (BMX DDI 3202K, BMX DDI 6402K, BMX DD0 3202K, BMX DD0 6402K, BMX DDM 3202K); cable length 2 m Why buy this product Splitting 32 channels into 4 x 8 channels Key commercial data Packing unitGTIN 1 pc Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 409.

2 g Custom tariff number Download: BMX DDO 3202K 6402K M340 CONNECTIONS Modicon M340, Product datasheet Characteristics BMXDDI6402K Main Range of product Modicon X80 Product or component type Discrete input module Discrete input number 64. 07 0Modicon M340 Using Unity Pro Modicon M340 Using Unity Pro Discrete InputOutput Modules User Manual Modicon M340 automation platform Discrete IO modules Input modules and mixed IO modules Module BMX DDI 1602 BMX DDI 1603 BMX DAI 1602 BMX DAI 1603 BMX DAI 1604 BMX DDI 3202K BMX DDI 6402K BMX DDM BMX DDM BMX DDM 3202K 216 217 LU9 G02 splitter boxes (8 motor starters) and Download: BMX DDI 3202K 6402K M340 CONNECTIONS Modicon M340 PAC, Download: BMX DDI 3202K 6402K M340 CONNECTIONS Modicon M340, BMXDDI6402K Avalailable Now Call.

New, Reman, Exchange, or Repair. See BMXDDI6402K Modicon M340 PDF below for product info.

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