Biodex stability system manual

NOTE: The Biodex Unweighing System is intended to assist the patient who has balance deficits. Clinicians should not rely on this device to prevent falls. 2. Since the Biodex Balance System allows up to 20degrees of surface tilt, begin with static or stability level 12 and progress as tolerated. Ten patients with chronic unilateral functional lateral instability of the ankle were evaluated using the Biodex Stability System.

This system uses a multiaxial testing platform which can be set at variable degrees of instability. NOTE: The Balance System automatically places the platform in the locked position when the unit is turned ON, or after a time period of three minutes when the system is not in use. ing a medical electrical system, and can result in a reduced level of safety. This outlet is intended only for use with an approved printer equipped with an IEC cord (see System Specifications list).

Be aware that use of Biodex technology requires professional expertise for discerning appro priate treatment techniques. For data analysis, the mediallateral stability index (MLSI), anteriorposterior stability index (APSI), overall stability index (OSI), and timeinbalance scores were recorded. Results: Multiple regression revealed that APSI and MLSI significantly contributed to the OSI, with the APSI accounting for 95 of the OSI variance.

Biodex Balance System SDThe Balance System SD will improve balance, increase agility and develop muscle tone, The Biodex Balance System SD has been designed t DYNAMIC STABILITY SYSTEM With a dynamic multiaxial tilting platform such as the Biodex Stability System. the patient must move their COG considerably (sway widely) to get the VGRF opposite the axis of rotation.

The Biodex Balance System SD is effective in the assessment and training of the somatosensory and neuromuscular control aspects of balance as it challenges the mechanoreceptors found around the joints of the lower extremity.

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