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Go to www. valleyworks. cc, select the Job Search button on the banner in the top right of the screen, scroll down to JobQuest and double click. 3. 9 JobQuest Worksheet (WT) Rev December, 2015 Work History This information will be displayed on your online profile. Job Search Workbook& Resource Manual. Create Your Future. Shape Your Own Success. When in school, plan to spend 2 to 3 hours each week on your job search. When school is finished, your search for a placement should become full Effective Job Search Skills Manual, Workshop Edition.

The Effective Job Search Skills Manual is structured to give people the edge and the skills necessary to find meaningful work, quickly. Packed with proven, practical and effective techniques and advice, the manual is a valuable reference source which will likely prove to be of enduring value. SEARCH TIPS: It is an axiom of job searching that a job seeker can change job function OR industry, but rarely both at the same time.

This is because youll need to find transferable experience, skills, and accomplishments to make any change. Its extremely Job Search worksheet Created Date: 6 worksheets that will help you find a job and advance your career We found a few downloads that offer easy action steps and ask brilliant questions that will help you manage your job search and career.

You can still benefit from the great tips and actionable worksheet to help you learn the difference between professional Heres where you can find free Quintessential Careers career and jobsearch worksheets for jobseekers desiring to improve your cover letters and resumes. 3 Updated JOB SEARCH TRACKING Company Name Date of Posting Date Sent Rsum Date Visited Date Of Interview Date PROFESSIONAL GOALS WORKSHEET. What to Know Now that you have done a personal appraisal and some career exploration, you need PA RTICIPANT MANUAL 3.

Job Search Strategies 43 3. 3 APPROACH THE JOB SEARCH PROCESS What to Know Finding a job is hard work. It is a job in itself. You should treat it just like a job Teaching Networking Skills: Paving a Way to Jobs and Careers Authors Allison Fleming, Cecilia Gandolfo, & Colleen Condon A Consumer Guide to an Effective Job Search Hand out the Interesting and Exciting Jobs" worksheet JOB SEARCH MANUAL A Free Internet Resource from SunRaye Enterprises.

Worksheet# 3 Exploring Your Interests Place check marks under the Like column for those activities you like to do. Check under Dislike for those you are indifferent to, have never done, or do not like. Focus Your Job Search: Worksheet Name Date Goals are often easier to achieve if you write them down.

Use this worksheet to help you focus your search for internships or jobs. Underline key words or look for themes in each of your responses. Bring your worksheet into an appointment with one of the Career Centers career JOB SEARCH MANUAL A Free Internet Resource from SunRaye Enterprises.

Worksheet Summary Name 1 Job Search Skills Inventory Date. Place a check mark beside each skill where your proficiency is less than 5.

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