Forest service manual 23608

FOREST SERVICE MANUAL WASHINGTON TITLE 2600 WILDLIFE, FISH, AND SENSITIVE PLANT HABITAT MANAGEMENT Amendment No. Effective July 19, 1991 POSTING NOTICE. Amendments are numbered consecutively by title and calendar year. Post by document name.

Remove entire Improve and expand Forest Service partnerships with the public and with Indian tribal communities in the interest of historic preservation. 5. Improve and expand the delivery of Heritage programs and products to the American public. ( 190VNFM, 1998) United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service NATIONAL FORESTRY MANUAL PREFACE The National Forestry Manual, as a subdivision of the This amendment converts the format and style of this Forest Service manual (FSM) chapter to the new FSM template using the agencys Forest Service Manual: national headquarters (wo) Washington, DC.

FSM 6100 PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: CHAPTER 6160 ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE: between the Forest Service and the Forest Service Council of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE). The text of this MOU may be found on the Washington Forest Service Manual (FSM) Directive Issuances To assist users, the codes and captions for the Forest Service Manual (FSM) series, titles, and chapters are displayed beneath an index of documents.

Guide to Forest Service Forest Service Washington, DC Directives September 2010. For direction on the Directive System, see Forest Service Manual (FSM) Title 1100, Directive System; and Forest Service Handbook (FSH) 1109. 12, Directive System Handbook. 2 Overview of Directive System Part 216 reflects an Agency assumption that the Forest Service Handbookwhich contains detailed instructions on how to implement the Forest Service Manualis administrative or technical in nature, and does not include standards, criteria or The Forest Service Manual (FSM) contains legal authorities, objectives, policies, responsibilities, instructions, and guidance needed on a continuing basis by Forest Service line officers and primary staff in more than one unit to plan and execute assigned programs and activities The Forest Service is issuing a new directive to Forest Service Manual 2360 for Heritage Program Management.

The Forest Service Manual for the Heritage Program was last amended in 1991. The new directive addresses laws, amendments, and Executive orders passed since 1991 and issues that are 1.

1 Overview of the Forestry Standards Manual The Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food& the Marine is Irelands national forest authority. It is responsible for national forest policy, the promotion of private forestry, FOREST SERVICE MANUAL (FSM) REFERENCES. FSM 2320 Wilderness Management, does not include a section specifically addressing

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