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Owners of older analog used Clayton, Dynojet, Froude, Go Power, Maha, Maxwell, Mustang, Stuska, Sun RoadaMatic, SuperFlow, etc. brakes and rollers can now take advantage of most DYNOmite and DYNOMAX features without purchasing new absorbers or engine stands. Performance Trends Inc (There is also a manual power level mode, which controls amps to dyno with knob, and does not use RPM feedback.

) to go to our Dyno DataMite downloading page to download a FREE Dyno DataMite Demo. for movies of our Prototype Brake Dyno Controller. Mar 01, 2015 Hey guys, need some help. Does anyone have a manual for such a dyno, Go Power DY7D. I just picked one up. I know its not modern but something to play with at least.

Thanks Electronic Load Valve. ITMS01L Electronic Load Valve Go Power Systems electronic load valve system ITMS01L provides a means to control the load either manually or via the software from the GPS6000. The Electronic Valve System includes the specially designed Go Power valve with high speed motor, power module and THandle control for tabletop mounting. This is a very thorough stepbystep tutorial video that will teach you how to install a DynoJet Power Commander V on your Harley Davidson motorcycle right on the kickstand.

This will SAVE YOU MONEY by not having to take your Harley to a mechanic to tune you Electronic Fuel Injection. This is a video by bikers for bikers! Easy to understand Podcast Episode& article on electronic fuel The DY dynamometer series was the first Go Power Systems dynamometers manufactured. It was replaced by the D100 model smallengine dynamometer. Though many DY series dynamometers are still being used today for testing, Go Power Systems no Aug 16, 2015В  Go Power sold out to somebody in the eighties who, I believe, is now in Texas somewhere.

There smaller dyno was for use in schools for testing small 4 cycle engines. It Power Commander III USB Users Guide To offset the fuel curve to different cylinders, use the Cylinder Trim Function by clicking on Power Commander Tools on the menu Manually tighten nuts as tightly as possible. Verify that all connections are tightened. 9. Tighten cable clamps on switch enclosure. 10. Attach lid. The lid is designed to snap on and should not open without deliberate effort.

Go Power! TS30 Owners Manual Owners of older analog Clayton, DataMite, Dynojet, Froude, Go Power, K& O, Maha, Maxwell, Mustang, Performance Trends, SportDyno, Stuska, Sun RoadaMatic, SuperFlow, TAT, etc. brakes, software, Go power dyno manually rollers can now take advantage of most DYNOmite and DYNOMAX features without purchasing new absorbers or engine stands. If you have a GoPower or SuperFlow(R) dyno that uses a Clutch pilot spline, then make a coupling similar to the drawing that accepts your pilot shaft.

This Coupling does have some Inertia but not nearly as much as the heavy flywheels being used. The firmware must be loaded into the Power Commander and when you go to the" View" menu and" Power Commander Information"the firmware version should show. Once all of the above items are verified, an ignition table will show up when the ignition module is connected.

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