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HAZUSMH MR2 User Manual Developed by: Department of Homeland Security technology into the building process and to disseminate technical information. flood and earthquake hazards and requires that the user first run annualized losses for each of the three hazards.

(Taken from the HAZUSMH MR4 Technical User s Manual: Earthquake Model. For further information, refer to the manual. ) A volcano is an opening in the surface of a planet (or moon) that allows hot material to escape from the magma chamber below the surface.

The HAZUS Earthquake Model was first released by FEMA in 1997 as HAZUS97, which was subsequently updated three times.

The multihazard version of HAZUS, HAZUSMH, was first released by FEMA in 2004 and its fourth update, HAZUSMH MR4, became available in October 2009. Earthquake Model HAZUSMH MR1 ADVANCED ENGINEERING BUILDING MODULE TECHNICAL and USERS MANUAL Special thanks to ESRI for its assistance in coordinating ArcGIS with HAZUSMH. Earthquake Model Software Development PBS& J, Atlanta, Georgia Pushpendra Johari, Program Manager; Mourad Bouhafs, Foued Bouhafs, Sandeep in the HAZUSMH Hazards U.

S. (HAZUS), a Geographic Information System (GIS)based earthquake loss estimation tool, developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in cooperation with the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). This record contains HazusMH 2. 1 Multihazard Loss Estimation Methodology Technical and User Manuals for the Earthquake Model, the Flood Model, and the Hurricane Model as well as the Earthquake Advanced Engineering Building Module (AEBM) User Manual and the Flood Information Tool (FIT) User Manual.

presented in the" Earthquake loss estimation methodology HAZUS technical manual. " This classification system uses age, depositional environment, and material type of Multihazard Loss Estimation Methodology National Institute of Building Sciences Washington, D. C. iii HAZUSMH MR3 Technical Manual Foreword The research and development and studies that provided the basis for this publication were Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate (FEMA), Washington, D. C. Download the Hazus Earthquake User and Technical Manual from the FEMA Library.

Hazus Hurricane Manuals The Hazus Hurricane Wind Model is an improvement over existing loss estimation models because it uses a wind hazardloaddamageloss framework. USEHAZUS is an all HAZUS Website developed by Jamie Caplan Consulting in response to the needs of the HAZUS user community. Announcements USEHAZUS provides free Web page development and maintenance to all HAZUS User Groups interested in this free service.

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