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The Manufacturer: Thought Technology Ltd. 2180 Belgrave Avenue Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4A 2L8 System Name: MyoTrac EMG Biofeedback System System# : T4000PT4001P Device Name: MyoTrac Biofeedback Unit Device# : SA4000PSA4001P Manual# SA9601 Rev. 5 A MyoTrac Infiniti System lets you measure highresolution surface electromyography (SEMG) and perform biofeedback techniques and electrical stimulation (STIM) in a hefty number of patterns.

The MyoTrac Infiniti positions itself apart from the other STIM machines by joining these 2 modalities in numerous ways. The Thought Technology Myotrac EMG T4000 is a single channel, palmsized, battery operated sEMG trainer. Ideal for clinical assessment as well as for selftraining.

MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical; MyoTrac Infiniti Dual SEMG; MyoTrac Infiniti Dual SEMG Clinical BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all current and future Thought Technology Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. (model UA767PC). Blood pressure readings can be triggered manually, by pressing a key on the keyboard or EMG Biofeedback MyoTrac: click to enlarge.

MyoTrac EMG Biofeedback. Features. and comprehensive instruction manual; Technical Specifications. Input Impedance 1, 000, 000M in parallel with 10pF Signal Input Range x1 0 20 V Signal Input Range x10 0 200 V Signal Input Range x100 0 2000 V What makes the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti so unique is the biofeedback triggered stimulation programs along with the revolutionary foot drop technology.

The device delivers stimulation to the targeted muscles based on the clients very own EMG signal. MyoTrac portable EMG biofeedback units, great prices and free support from trained biofeedack therapists. EMG Portable Muscle Monitors.

Train Your Body to Mind Now the power of accurate professional muscle monitoring (EMG, Electromyography) is available for use in the home as well as in the clinic. All MyoTrac Infiniti units are MyoTrac T4000 Biofeedback Unit MyoTrac packs extreme sensitivity into a light, compact unit that works for you and your patient in the clinic or home.

It is ideal for clinical assessment as well as for selftraining. MyoTrac Infiniti User Guide 5 terminated upon any sign of treatmentrelated distress or discomfort.

Not to be connected to a patient undergoing Because it is lightweight and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, the MyoTrac allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and feedback during different activities. This unit is accurate and reliable. The unit is accurate and reliable. MyoTrac offers three sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation or relaxation therapy, and provides stable readings in less than a second.

Thought Technology Computerized Biofeedback Systems: all including GSR Temp 2X biofeedback unit plus cassettesCD and manual 199. 95 The PC used with MyoTrac Infiniti must be placed outside the patientclient environment (more than 3 meters or 10 feet) or the PC must comply with EN.

1 (system safety). After use, the Disposable Electrodes may be a potential biohazard. Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti The Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti is a comprehensive, portable advanced biofeedback electrical stimulation system designed for orthopedic and neurological patients.

Programs: Biofeedback The client controls the unit instead of the unit controlling the client. All MyoTrac units are totally isolated from line (110 or 220VAC) power due to battery operation. However, many hospitals and the FDA require that computers, printers and any other equipment used with medical devices be electrically isolated from line voltage to UL or CSA medical safety standards.

MyoTrac Infiniti Biofeedback Unit The MyoTrac Infiniti Biofeedback Unit is a 2 channel device that is designed to measure surface electromyography (SEMG), or muscle activity, and perform electrical stimulation independently or in conjunction with

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